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VXT Corrado VR6 Late Style Euro-Spec “E-Code” Headlight Bezel Set – (PRE-ORDER)

VXT Corrado VR6 Late Style Euro-Spec “E-Code” Headlight Bezel Set – (PRE-ORDER)

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We are currently accepting pre-orders for the upcoming bezels  which are specifically made for the Corrado VR6 E-Code Headlights. As soon as the “pre-order minimum quantity required is met”, we will notify everyone and start this process.
Please note that by placing an order, it will get you in the pre-order list and will guarantee you a set of  Headlight Bezels. More details coming soon!

Throughout the years, Corrado owners have been dealing with problems finding replacement parts for their 28+ year old car. For those who are lucky enough to find some replacement parts, they will have to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a used part. Let’s not even mention new parts, those are extremely rare to come by, and in case you run across some, prices will be outrageous. Due to all these problems mentioned, most owners have their Corrado’s parked, inoperable or incomplete. VX Tuning has decided to help the Corrado community by offering replacement parts that will meet or exceed OE quality at very affordable prices.

VX Tuning is proud to bring you replacement Headlight Bezels exclusively for the Corrado Late Spec VR6 E-Code Headlights. You can now give your Corrado’s front end a fresh look by replacing those old broken or missing bezels. Our lenses will fit and feel just like OEM. They will definitely bring your Golf Corrado Head Lights back to life.

Our VXT Corrado parts are manufactured and designed by VX Tuning. VX Tuning has spent countless hours researching each product to ensure optimum performance, fitment, and quality. Each part was created with the highest standards of excellence, at a price that you can afford. We guarantee you a perfect fit and 100% satisfaction.

Headlight Bezels are sold in Pairs (Left & Right)

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